About Us


Dominique Hebert is the owner of Mic & Ellie’s. She is a student at Middle Tennessee State University majoring in Biology and Marketing. Dominique has a love of fashion and wants to share that passion with her customers, in order to help them feel empowered and unique in their style.

​Mic & Ellie’s Boutique is comprised of the names of two people who were influential in our owner’s life. Mic comes from our owner’s aunt who passed from cancer in 2017. Michele was a friendly, loving woman who cared about everyone she met. She was a teacher and loved working with children.


Mic & Ellie



Ellie was our owner’s grandmother, who worked as an emergency room nurse for decades. She was a hard-working woman who never met a stranger. She was known for having family get-togethers, yet most of the people that attended were people she had met in her lifetime. She considered everyone family.

Although these two names
do not relate directly to fashion, we believe it shows our business’ values and reflects our belief that “strong women empower strong women”. We want eveMic & Ellies with Scribblery woman to feel like they can shop with us. No matter what size, age, or shape. We want our customers to reach out to us and to have a community of strong women who strive to stand out and encourage one other.


Please enjoy this glimpse into our lives with Mic and Ellie.


Family Photos